Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Trap Tree! Oh Trap Tree! How lovely are your buoys!

Another great Monhegan tradition it building the ever beautiful, ever elegant, trap tree!  The kids usually assist in the process and this year we decided to help with the trap tree during "special" on Friday to ensure that the tree was up for the Black Duck Party. In the past it felt like the tree took forever to build but this year due to the great efforts made by Angela Iannicelli, Marjorie McKeon, Tara Hire, Rob Benson, Stew Way, Donna, the boys, and myself we had the tree up in NO time! 

We knew that we used 55 traps last year to build the tree, so the kids figured out the math and we started with ten traps on the bottom and then 9, 8, and so on! We ended up being only one trap off and I have to say our tree looked pretty darn beautiful! See for yourself!

Row one... got to start somewhere.

Trap by trap...

Working together...

Handsome little worker!

Maya supervising as usual!

Tillie Bean stopped to say hello!

Getting closer!

Up at the top!

Mom and son bringing the last trap!

Our youngest got to put the buoy on top!

And it is complete!

The on-lookers!

Our oldest student plugging in the lights!

Happy Holidays!

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