Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The United States of Christmas!

Wow! It has been a longggg time since we last blogged! I am finally getting up pictures from our Christmas play. I tried numerous times over break to upload the video to this site, but I think it is too long for the blog to hold. I might try to post it on another site and then post the link here. Anyways, the pictures will have to be enough for now.

The play lived up to all of our expectations and I think really blew the community away. The kids put SO much work into this production. They designed and constructed all the sets, organized and made the props, picked the music and costumes, and when the night came they were on fire! Everyone knew their lines and I have to say their timing on stage is priceless. It was my favorite play by far and we got rave reviews. I just hope I can figure out a way to post the video so you can see for yourself! 

Our polar bear in the Alaskan igloo! (Next to a picture of Sarah Palin of course!)

Surfing and tanning in California.

Gabe stole the show as Govenator of California.

At the corn palace in South Dakota!

Gabe as an old man! 

The nursing home scene was the best.

Wyatt as "Running Bull" the security guard.

The Oval Office in D.C.

Quinn and Donna made it to the Canadian border!

Curtain call!

The happy audience eating their dinner after a fantastic production!

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