Friday, January 8, 2010

And weeee're back!

Gabe's Birthday Cake! YUMMY!

Yay! Welcome Jorgie and Arlo!

The Monhegan School is back in action. After a long, restful, wonderful, jam-packed Holiday break we are back at school and starting 2010 off with a bang! It was exciting week... our new students, Jorgie and Arlo, are here, Gabe turned 14, and Maya is just SO glad to be a working school dog again. We are missing Dalton and Quinn though! They come back from Alaska next week and we just can't wait.

Here is what some of our week looked like...

Jorgie adding a masterpiece to the murals in the bathroom.

Arlo's turn.

I have never seen a more beautiful bird.

Arlo's Roman man!

A little Stratego during break.

Making personal shields.

Maya LOVES having the kids back.

Gabe LOVES paper macheing.

Maya think mache tastes yummy.

Arlo working hard.

Gabe's final project. It looks JUST like him.

Jorgie and her head.

Maya does not know what to think.

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