Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Trail Poetry

We have continued to write trail poetry through the winter months. Last week we went on a rather wet and icy walk through the Red Ribbon trail. Even on the gray days the trails on our island are just beautiful. 

The kids took pictures and wrote free verse poems. As always the did a beautiful job. Kids poetry is so simple, honest, and to me... perfect.

I hope you enjoy.

The Red Ribbon

Ice and snow
All over
In the trees and on the ground

Trees standing near
Each other
Ready for the wind

Through the winding path
Over the frozen path

Into the dark tunnel
Of tightly packed trees

And out we emerge from
The Red Ribbon

- D. Burroughs

Red Ribbon Trail

when I walk through the woods
some parts are dark
but there is always light
even in the darkest places
it was so silent I could hear the wind
it is a snapshot
you will never see again

- A. Bruckman

Red Ribbon

the days are getting warmer
the rain is coming to melt the snow

the sledding days are gone
the days are getting longer

the trails are getting slushy
the light is breaking through the clouds

this very trail will be filled with animals
the days will shine as bright as my heart

- Q. Burroughs

Red Ribbon

The smell of pine hangs there in the air
Thick with snow

Running through the snow
Not knowing where to go

Just following prints in snow
People walk the paths of white

To gaze upon the yellow river haunted of the glow
Of dawns since passed.

- G. Church

The Red Ribbon Trail

I see white snow.

I hear blowing branches.

I feel cold toes.

I smell strong pine.

I think we will be home.

- J. Bruckman

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