Friday, January 29, 2010


Opening up our ocarinas!

Gabe seeing his ocarina for the first time... now that is love!

Happy little ocarina players!

Marjorie is one heck of a teacher!

It was an exciting day at the Monhegan school yesterday! We had our first music class and the kids all received their very own ocarinas! What is an ocarina you ask? It is a vessel instrument that is believe to date back some 12,000 years ago! Our island is lucky enough to have our very own ocarina expert, Ms. Marjorie, who is kind enough to share her knowledge and talents with us at the Monhegan School!

Marjorie did a fantastic job teaching us a little history about the ocarina and then took the time to show us her own personal collection. THEN it was like Christmas when the kids each received their very own ocarina! Of course there was lots of noise and excitement. We got a chance to play around and then we learned three different notes and with those three notes we already have songs we can practice!

We received the homework assignment to pick three different songs we want to learn to play! Why do I have a feeling that we are going to be playing hard rock on the ocarina any day now... little do the boys know that I want to learn some Barbra Streisand tunes!

Jorgie with her fancy green ocarina!

Belting it out!

Just imagine the sounds that were occurring in our school!

Maya had NO idea why we were making such crazy noises!

Practicing our notes!

The awesome PINK ocarina! I love it.


  1. A real instrament is the way to go not a plastic one.

  2. for the next trick, i think they should dance the macarena while playing the ocarina...

  3. Haha I would Love to see Gabe do that