Friday, January 22, 2010

January BINGO

Our first BINGO of 2010 was a success. Our theme for our prizes this month was "things to keep you entertain during winter on Monhegan!" It was Jorgie and Arlo's first BINGO experience and they were naturals. We decided as a school to send all the donations we collected this month to the relief efforts happening in Haiti. 

Our prizes this month included a whoopie cushion, a FBI dress up set, false teeth, a "clapper", and a facial disguise! All can provide hours of fun during the long Monhegan winter!

Quinny did a terrific job giving the opening speech of the night. He will make a great president some day!!

Good turn out for the end of January!

Arlo was a BINGO calling pro!

People of all ages LOVE BINGO!

We had a stranger at BINGO! Hmmm.

Jorgie's turn to call!

Billy B. got back his lucky streak, winning two games!

He won the clapper! 

Dalton calling some lucky numbers.

Double loving for Maya.

Jorgie checking MaJORIE's card!

And what do the middle schoolers do while they are not calling numbers? My sixth grader is reading...

And my eighth grader is sleeping. They are SUCH middle schoolers.

At least Quinny is getting in on some BINGO playing.

Dori was another big winner of the night! She won the whoopie cushion!

Gabe looks so old calling numbers.

Jorgie calling another game.

Okay, so Pam wasn't the champion... BUT Billy B. gave her "a Hundred Grand" (bar)! So really, she was the biggest winner of them all.

And of course everyone want's to know...WHO IS THE CHAMP!? 
Muffy Pendergast!!
She won the champion prize of the "BINGO shield" to protect her against the winter months!

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