Friday, January 22, 2010

Rules and Routines

It looks like Jorgie is getting use to math class as the only first grader.

But if you look under her chair you can see she has plenty of support and company.

As I said in our last post, this week was the first time that all of the students and teachers have been together since we got back from Christmas break. In a way it felt like we were just beginning the new year. We had a lot of routines and procedures to nail down and get use to. I realized that in the Fall we had never set up any "classroom norms and expectations." I guess that is what happens when you have the same three kids for three years (they kind of know what is expected!) But with our new additions we decided it would be a good idea to go over some classroom guidelines. I am always amazed by how good kids are at coming up with rules to make the classroom a safe and comfortable place for everyone!

Along up with setting up our classroom's norms we also just got used to a normal schedule with lots of little routines built into every day. All of the kids have portfolios where they keep track of their work and grades. Everyday the kids get the work out of the "outbox" and organize it in their portfolios.

Watching my students organize paper work makes me very happy! Let me tell you, it is a life long skill!

Good ol' paper work!

Fourth grade math class with Donna! Yay for TWO fourth graders!

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