Friday, January 20, 2012

First BINGO of 2012

We were excited for our first BINGO night of the new year! It can get a little dreary around these parts in the winter... so community nights at school are especially important during the slow moving month of January!

Whipping up some super yummy brownies for the event!

The dynamic baking pair of Quinn and Margaret! They would be a pretty funny cooking show!

Extra fudge? Yes please!

Taste testing is always the most important step!

Time to play!

Dalton with the opening remarks and a few wee ones who were particularly excited about this months prize selection!

Mr. B helping to give out BINGO chips.

Margaret's time to call numbers.

Good turn out.

The theme for this month's prizes was "things to entertain you on Monhegan in the dead of winter!" You have no idea how handy these prizes can be :)

The champ prize was pretty fitting for the theme!

Mr. B showcasing one of the fabulous prizes!

Big winner, Stewie, with some sweet shades and stick-on mustaches!


Gina with a mini version of the champion prize!

Quinn checking out Chris's cards! She was a TWO-TIME winner!

Margaret helped to hand out prizes!

Apparently we were keeping Quinn up.

Happy BINGO players.

Showing off their prizes... what a goooood lookin' family!

Dalton... this is your future.

Billy B. is that a WHITE stick on mustache!!??? Cool.

Time for the final round!

Oh man, LOTS of cards to check... who will be named champ?

According to Margaret's story she wrote in writing center that morning, her Mama was going to be named January BINGO champ...

AND she was right!!! We had a THREE-WAY TIE for our January Champ...
Jenn, Gina, and Mary! Way to go ladies!!!!

Starting to get silly!

Tara thought she would clean up her teeth with her new gigantic tooth brush she won!

Millie sporting a new mustache.

Favorite photo of the night!

See... these prizes really ARE entertaining!


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  1. That looks like a very happy night. Also that is my brother and nephew being goofy and cute.