Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Louise Nevelson Art - Phase 1

First art class of 2012 started off BIG... like 3-D BIG! Donna came in with a super fun art assignment for the boys. She talked to them about the famous abstract artist Louise Nevelson! This woman was AWESOME! She did some crazy abstract sculptures that really push the boundries of the age old quesiton of "What IS art!?"

Donna brought in lots of different sized boxes to create a base for their sculptures...

Some of the boxes she brought already had lots of different shapes and sections within them... but the boys assignment was to create an original structure.

Off to work they went. The cool thing about this assignment was D & Q had seen some of Louise Nevelson's work up close and personal a couple years back during a field trip to the Farnsworth!

Quinn was taking his assignment very seriously... look at all of those unique sections!

Now that the structures are built the next step will be to find materials to place in their structures to create their final sculptures... their last step will be to paint the sculptures! What a wacky and fun art assignment this will be! Stay tuned!

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