Monday, January 30, 2012

Layers of the Earth!

We started our geology science unit last week with a group TLC meeting on the Tanberg!

It was nice to see all our science classmates on the big screen!

For this unit, the island schools take turns teaching a lesson to the rest of the group at the beginning of each week. Cliff Island started off the unit by teaching us all about the different layers of the Earth! Mr. H had the group draw a picture of what they THOUGHT the inside of the earth looked liked.

Everyone got right to work! (P.S. I love that both the boys were wearing their Monhegan School Sweatshirts! So cute!)

Millie took a nap while everyone worked... all this learning really wears her out!

Dalton's earth looks pretty good!

So does Quinn's!

These kids are smarter than they look :)

Then the Cliff School gave us a fantastic presentation about the layers of the Earth! Even when you think you know all about a certain topic, there is always SO much more to learn!

Here is part of our lesson together! So much more fun learning as a group!

The final slide of Cliff's AWESOME presentation!

Then it was time for the boys to get to work on displaying what they had learned!

Each of the boys researched two of the different layers more in-depth and created a visual representation of the layers for our science bulletin board!

Putting up their model.

Miss M. also worked on learning about and labeling the layers of earth! I am not sure if all kindergartners get to learn about such things! Pretty cool!

Some of the information the boys found about the layers!

Pretty interesting stuff, wouldn't you say!?

The hottest layer! Yikes!

Our bulletin board is going to be JAMMED packed with geology information for our Open House in March! YES!

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