Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Peanut Butter Day!

Today, January 24th, is national peanut butter Day! Now this is MY kind of holiday! There is nothing like the sweet, sticky deliciousness that is peanut butter.

So how did we celebrate national peanut butter day?

By sharing our love of peanut butter with some of our favorite birdie friends.

Okay, I have a confession, this is not peanut butter... it's almond butter and it has been expired for two years! But when you live on an island and you need to clean out your pantry... two year expired almond butter will just have to do. I don't think the kids or birds will notice!

Time to get sticky!

mmmm.... fishing for peanut butter!


Miss M wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty!

Millie wanted to try and make sure the birdies would like it!

Careful not to drop them!

The peanut butter was kind of dripping everywhere!

Where to hang them???

Big decisions!

It is nice to have tall friends!

Happy Peanut Butter Day to All!

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