Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year's Resolution's

Happy 2012 Blogger Friends! We were happy to get back into action last week after a wonderful two week vacation! The kids came back with tales of a wonderful holiday and had all their new Christmas clothes and toys to show off! I like this time of year at school because we usually get into a pretty regular routine with a few less interuptions than in the Fall! On our first day back I wanted to do a fun activity with everyone to celebrate the new year and to give us a chance to chit-chat about our vacations. So this is what we did...

We talked about New Years and how different people around the world celebrate the new year.
We also talked about New Year's Resolutions and what a resolution is and why people make them.

Then we brainstormed our own resolutions and picked our top resolution we want to try and stick to for 2012. I don't know what it is, but I have always LOVED resolutions. Too bad I like making them more than I often like keeping them!

Once we picked our resolutions we created little New Year's masks of ourselves... that was the fun part.

We attached speech bubbles to our masks saying what our resolution is for the year!

I love how creative Miss M's mask is!

Dalton's resolution is all about his teeth!

Finish products! They are now hanging in our school door window, reminding us everyday of our goals!

Bring it on 2012! It's gonna be a BIG year!

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