Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Case of the Stolen Pumpkins!

So, it is Monhegan tradition that every Halloween the teacher's pumpkins get stolen from his/her house and are brought to the school house. Once the pumpkins are stolen the teacher has 24 hours to guess who stole the pumpkins. If she guesses correctly... she is wins the title of smartest teacher ever. If she guesses incorrectly, the children of the school do not have to have homework that night.

Well, since I have been teacher I have enjoyed trying to make it difficult for my pumpkins to be stolen. Year one I covered my pumpkins with vaseline and duct taped them to my stoop (they still got stolen). Year two I put my pumpkins on my roof (they still got stolen). THIS year I planned on MacGyver-ing up a way that when the thieves took my pumpkins took my pumpkins they would get drenched with water. Well, this plan fell through, so I ended up covering my pumpkins with ketchup, just so I could potentially catch the robbers "red-handed".

Well, long story short. My pumpkins got stolen... and ended up back on the school stoop Monday morning! I thought I figured out "who dun it" because I saw the vehicle bringing the pumpkins...however I still guessed wrong!

Who was the culprit you ask? None other than our beloved, yet super sneaky former teacher, Sarah "Sneaky-Pants" Caban! Who thought such an innocent face could be so darn sneaky! Well, I have only one thing to say to you Mrs. Caban.... "I will get you, my pretty! And your little Lilly too!" 

Yet again, the pumpkins showed up on the stoop of the school house!

Upon further inspection my pumpkins got turned into a pumpkin bug!!!!

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