Sunday, November 22, 2009

Library Class

This Friday we had our first "Library Class" with our favorite librarian: Ms. Jan Bailey. The kids got to go to the library and learn a little about the library's history and purpose in the community. The kids then participated in a "library scavenger-hunt" that helped them become a little more accustomed to the layout of the library and all the amazing books the library holds!

The boys used the card catalog, search for books alphabetically, and learned what the "call numbers" meant on the outside of the books. It was a successful first library class! My favorite reaction from the kids was, "Wow, that was WAY more fun than I thought it was going to be!" Yes, that is right, the library can be FUN!

Jan giving a little talk about the history of the Monhegan Library.

Gabe's first time using the card catalog.

Let the scavenger hunt begin!

Taking a peek in one of the display books.

Wy's scavenger hunt worksheet!

Wyatt figuring out how many pages are in the book.

Jan was a great help to the older guys!

Maya wasn't allowed in the libaray... so she watched through the window.

Emma was allowed in the library, she is a little more mature!

Dalton was a card catalog pro!

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