Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Number Snake

The beginning of the number snake!

The snake is getting awfully long!

Wyatt decorating the sides of his snake!

Those are some pretty amazing numbers to be writing for a kindergartner!

Our favorite kindergartner has been "slithering" through numbers like he is a little snake! Wyatt has a passion for math (much like his older peers) and there is no stopping this little math man in his pursuit for counting. He is able to count up to 30 non-stop (without looking at numbers) and he is able to add and subtract numbers 1 - 10 with very little (if any) assistance!

We decided it would be a good goal for him to count to 100 before Christmas. It is a pretty big goal but I think he can do it. To help him we decided we would make a giant math snake that could go around the entire school house. On the snake he would write all the numbers 1 - 100, which would help him with his counting. He is going to unveil his number snake at our school's open house in a couple of weeks. Every day Wy writes 10 more numbers on his snake and he has already reached 60! He will be able to count to 100 in no time at all...

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