Thursday, November 19, 2009

Erupting Volcanoes!

Mixing plaster for our volcanoes!

Smells yummy!

Looks like dynamite!

Quinny looking super smart with his safety glasses!

Dalton...not looking so smart.

Jessie ALWAYS looks smart!

We are finishing up our geology unit in science and have been conducting super fun experiments to show some of earth's phenomenal processes. We built volcanoes out of plaster and crayons and then added heat to our volcanoes to cause pressure. And what happens when heat and pressure build up in volcanoes????? THEY EXPLODE!

That is exactly what happened with our experiments... see for yourself.

Look! A volcano!

Time to heat them up!

Waiting for an eruption.

Lava coming out of the vents!

Now it is time to open our volcanoes!

Quinny got lava on his face! Good thing he was wearing protective eyewear!

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