Monday, November 2, 2009

New Addition: DOG HOUSE!

The before: loads of scarp wood...all found on Monhegan!

Quinn's up first with the chop saw!

Watch out for your fingers Paul!

Gabe with the drill!

Daltini looks like a pro with that saw!

The Wy man using his first power tool!

I couldn't believe how steady Quinn was!

Hammering the frame

Time to put up the siding!!!!

Quinny "working for Paul!"

Dalton wearing Paul's super cool protective eye-wear!

The dog house has walls!

Seems like Maya approves so far!

Getting so close!

The boys have been asking me if they could do shop for a special for a very long time now. Unfortunately their teacher can hardly pound a nail in straight, let alone build any kind of functioning structure. That is where my father comes in! Last week my dad, Paul, came out to teach an intensive shop class to the boys of Monhegan. Their task : to build a dog house for Maya, Schooner, and all the other dogs who work and visit us at school. Their challenge: construct the house in a day in a half, using only scrap wood found on Monhegan!

Thankfully my father is a very talented carpenter and an extremely patient and kind teacher. The boys (and men) did great! They measured, cut, screwed, nailed, re-measured, leveled, stained, and "accessorized" the most amazing dog house this little island has EVER seen! It was awesome to see the boys faces as they used those power tools! Something about boys and power tools! I, of course, was the photographer and the supervisor. At one point I was telling Quinn that they should put down a flat piece of ply-wood to finish off the floor and Quinn's response was, "Well, I don't know about that. I work for Paul." Needless to say the boys loved working with my dad and they did one heck of a job building that doghouse!

Time to stain!

Staining is a three man job.

Final touches.

Signing the board.

They let me screw in the sign so I could say I helped. Aren't they sweet?

The ladies in their new home. They seemed pleased.

The construction team and their piece of art!
(They called themselves Beavis and the Buttheads. My lord, they are such boys!)

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