Friday, November 6, 2009

Quiet, but awesome, week!

Well, we didn't have a whole lot of posts this week. It was the first week of November and it felt like the first quiet, calm week we have had of school all year long! As much as we love community events, school visitors, and field trips, sometimes it is just nice to be at school, getting work done, and enjoying one another's company!

We accomplished a lot this week. The boys did a bunch of fun experiments surrounding the Earth's processes. They have been writing creative stories about survival that we will have writer's workshop on next week. The boys also wrote letter to our incoming students, Jorgie and Arlo, who will be here in January! In social studies we have been learning about the United States Census! We are excited to make up a census to find out some information about the people who live on Monhegan! We started learning Spanish this week! Dalton and I can almost count up to 100! And the most important thing we accomplish this week??? We came up with our idea for the Christmas play! It is top secret but I can reveal the name of our fantastic production: The United States of Christmas!!! I know I say this every year, but this is going to be the BEST PLAY EVER!!!!!

All I know is it was a nice week to be at the Monhegan School!

I am ending with some pictures from the week... which show some of the things I love about our school!

Donna brought us back a popcorn maker from Reny's! It made Quinn wiggle with excitement!
The puppies napping while Dalton reads.

Maya taking her turn in the bean bag.

Quinn's super cute bulletin board in his "office". He has the "sign" Wyatt made him, his Language Art's To - Do List (which he completed!) and his card from the first day of school!

The gang on top of Gull Rock.

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