Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Census! Census! Get your census here!

Hot off the press! The Monhegan Census Questionnaire!!!

The Burrough brothers stapling the packets!

In our civics unit in social studies we learned about the history behind the United States Census, just in time for the 2010 census coming up this spring. We got to see what the census looks like and the results from previous censuses in the past. To end our study of the census we decided it would be fun to conduct a Monhegan census to find out some more information about our community!

The boys brainstormed questions they would like to ask in their census. They then formated the set up of their census, made and stapled copies, made a list of all the residents to send the census to, addressed, stuffed, and sealed envelopes, and then finally mailed the questionnaires out to the community! The kids had fun pretending they were "governmental" workers but didn't realize how much work it was to do a census mailing and we only had 50 census to send out!

Our plan is to graph the data we collect in the questionnaires and present our findings to the community at our open house in December...we will share our results on the blog too! So stay tuned!

The whole gang (including our guidance counselor, Jean) pretending to be governmental workers!


Absolutely exhausted from all of that work! BUT WE ARE DONE!

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