Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gull Rock Poems

To continue our poem series the next poem the boys wrote was about our hike to Gull Rock. We all ventured out on an overcast day and climbed Gull Rock. It was a beautiful hike and the waves were terrific. The kids took some great photos that you can see below!

The kids assignment was to write poems using at least two of the three following elements of poetry: simile, onomatopeia, and alliteration. See if you can identify them in these fantastic poems!

Gull Rock

Dull Demanding Dominate
Dull as an Overcast sky
Demanding as an Emperor
Dominate as the untamed lions

behind the Island

as the cliffs beside it

as much as the Grand Canyon

Gull Rock

- D. Burroughs

Gull Rock

The fields are as lifeless as
a dead mouse

The tress are blowing
throw the wind

We reach the rock

Crash, smash, splash
The waves are smashing

Climbing on the rocks
Getting to the top

Water splashing over the rock
Slipping, sliding,
All the way down

- Q. Burroughs

Gull Rock

The sun's warm kiss planted right on my face
Green grows greatly on the ground
Rock as grey as the stormy sky
Whooshing wind howls by
Smiling faces greet the sky
Down we go to the rocks below
Up the winding paths of green

- G. Church

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