Friday, October 30, 2009

Best Fall Fest Ever!!

Eye ball cookies!

Mmm...bones and blood! A favorite snack!

The cutest Robin Hood I ever did see!

The Mask times three?

"You should see the other guy!"

Monhegan Blues Player

Witch/Halloween Lover

Bloody Face Man... always a classic.

DUCKY! You should hear this girl quack!

One good looking family!

Old Man Stewie!

Marge Simpson meets Norma meets movie star!


Zombie Dork!

Cookie Decorating!!!

AHHH! A shark crashed our party!
P U! A skunk family arrived!

Apple bobbing...Maya wanted to join.

Skunks love apples.

So last evening the Monhegan School hosted it's first Fall Festival and I am not sure if it was all the sugar or the community spirit, but I am still on a high! We had a fantastic turn out... with so many spooky creatures arriving! The kids worked all day preparing. We made gruesome snacks, prepared creepy and entertaining games, and organized a fantastic event. We bobbed for apples, pinned the chest on the zombie, and decorated cookies. He had a costume relay, donut eating contest, and tennis ball toss. At the end of the night we gave out awards for best costume. We ate salty bone bread sauces with blood marinara sauce, monster popcorn hands, mummy pizzas, eyeball cookies, pumpkin slime cheesecake (made by Dalton and Quinn), and a black cat cake (made by the fantastic Chris Cash!) It was an incredibly fun night filled with so much laughter!

I am always amazed by how dedicated our community is to our school and how much the kids cherish the community's involvement! It is a night of memories I will store for a very long time! The pictures tell it all!

Pin the chest on the zombie!

Go down! To the right!

Donut eating contest!

Let's go dork!

Slow and steady wins the race.

The duck knows how to work it...just hold the string! Duh.
Costume relay!

Hurry up!

Who says a shark can't play games!


Ball toss...Wyatt was the champion! You should see this kid throw!

The duck could hold her own too!

Nice shot!

Birthday Girl's turn!

Hole in one!

That is one awesome ball toss!

The costume award winners!

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