Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween BINGO!

That is one scary looking crew!

8th grader, Gabe, gets to call the first and last game!

Happy winners Chris, Josephine, and Lisa with their pirate prize!

Big winner, Billy Boytnon willing the RUSTY basket!

And last but not least, our October BINGO champ: Robert "Bingo" Bracy!

Last week we had our first BINGO of the school year! Have we mentioned how much we LOVE BINGO??!! The other great thing was it was Halloween BINGO! We also LOVE Halloween. We love any reason to dress up, wear fake blood, and act like zombies! The kids did a fantastic job planning and setting up for the event. We made crafts, decorated, baked, and set up that afternoon. That night the boys served community members brownies, cookies, popcorn, and cider. They also did a great job calling out BINGO numbers!

Billy Boynton had some pretty lucky cards since he won 3 out of the 7 games of the night! Some of the other winners were Lisa Brakett, Donna Cundy, Chris Cash, and Tralice Bracy! The October BINGO champ was Robert Bracy! He is now on our BINGO wall of fame! It was a great time had by all. Not to mentioned we raised over 90 dollars towards our Kickball T-shirt fund! THANKS TO THE COMMUNITY FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!! You rock!

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