Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys!

Wyatt's alien zombie!

Quinny's legless zombie...that the boys voted was the favorite because of the "use of detail!"

Gabe working on his scary man who is holding a decapitated head... which kind of resembles his teacher! YIKES!

Dalton with his vampire/zombie/scary dude.

All this zombie talk has may have turned Jessie into a zombie!

Teaching all boys is really a whole other realm of teaching. You find yourself using bathroom humor to make your grammar lessons more interesting, you spend more time talking about battles and wars in history class than any other topic, and during down time in the day you catch yourself in the midst of intense conversations about hard rock music, the newest video game and, Dungeons and Dragons! Truth is, as much as I would love a little girl in our school, I love these boys so much and learn SO much from them everyday.

When teaching boys, you quickly realize the best holiday of the school year really revolves around Halloween. Any time to draw bloody figures and discuss the inner workings of zombie is a great moment in the life of an adolescent boy. Monday afternoon the boys traced their bodies in order to create life size monsters to use for one of our games for our Fall Festival this Thursday. Of course, Monsters soon turned into zombies with machetes, blood, and decapitated heads. School appropriate??? I think it is questionable, but it is difficult to stifle young boys imagination to keep it PG.

Either way... teaching boys is quite the education for me!

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