Friday, October 23, 2009

Our youngest student...

Maya helping Jessie out with some filing work.

Maya loves her one-on-one time with Donna.

Just trying to get some work done on the Mac.

Lunch time is also another one of Maya's favorite subjects!

We are all so thrilled this year to have our first female student at school! Even though she is only two years old, she is just SO smart we figured we had to let her come to school with us. Her full name is Maya Angelou Monhegan Obama Campbell, but we call her BONGOS for short! Oh yeah, she is the teacher's that may have something to do with her coming to school...she has connections!!

No matter what, we love having her at school! Everyday she waits at the end of the school yard for the boys to come! She loves playing ball at break and her favorite subjects are naptime and free read, because the boys are allowed to pet her while they read. 

No one loves school more than Maya!

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