Friday, October 23, 2009

Talking about WARMER islands!

Paul pointing out where they traveled to sail to St. Thomas

Sheila showing the kids pictures from their time in St. Thomas

As many of you may know our favorite kindergartener and his family are moving to St. Croix this winter. We are super sad to seem them go but we are excited for them to start their new adventure. We thought it would be fun to have Jessie's Dad and Step-mom come to school to talk about their time living in St. Thomas, which has very simliar climate, culture, and life-style as St. Croix. Paul and Sheila brought pictures and maps to share with the kids and Sheila taught them some simple Spanish phrases to kick off our study of languges this year! 

It was fun to become more familar with the area where Wyatt and his family are going to be living! Hmm...potential field trip!????

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