Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trap Day was Terrific!

Decorating cookies for the captains!


Loading traps.

Dressed up for Trap Day!

Handing out gifts to Captain Cash!

The first of  this month rang in another season of lobstering on Monhegan. Trap Day on island is always a fun and festive day and the school loves to be apart of it! Traditionally the school kids makes yummy goodies for people working to load traps and creative special gifts for the lobster captains as a fun send off for their fishing season. In the past the kids have decorated coffee mugs, baseball caps, and even sewed "lucky lobsters" for the captains. This year the kids decided to create buoy magnets and lobster cookies for their Trap Day gift! Then on the morning of Trap Day we lug all of our gifts and goodies down to the wharf! This year we passed out cookies, brownies, and hot chocolate to the workers and gave our gifts to the captains. Then we stuck around to do our part loading traps onto the boats. It was a great day to be apart of the Monhegan community. 

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