Friday, October 23, 2009

Rock Hunting!

Some of our awesome finds!

Some unpure quartz!

Daltini is a pro at identifying rocks!

Even Maya was into digging for rocks!

Conducting our rock tests!

We are FINALLY caught up to date with our blog posts! Now it will just be all NEW information, all the time! (Did anyone know Jessie is obsessed with blogging?)

Today we went rock hunting. Doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, you say? Well it is when you know as much as we do about rocks! We headed down to Ernie's Beach and starting looking for rocks and you wouldn't believed what we found... gabro, granite, quartz, feldspar, basalt, and quartz! Did you know that Monhegan is mostly made of gabro and basalt! 

Then we came back to the classroom to preform some tests on the rocks we found to see if the predictions we made about them were right. We figured out what we thought was feldspar was really granite that had red coloring! The quartz we found was absolutly quartz and of course we found a lot of gabro and basalt!

We are rocking rock hunters! We love rocks! Really, we just plain ROCK!

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