Thursday, October 29, 2009


Picking out pumpkins!

Dalton got a big one!

But Quinny's was bigger!

The boys with their loot!

One big, happy, pumpkin-loving family!

Pumpkin guts!

Dig deep!

Carving maniacs!

Nothing better than carving your own pumpkin!

See the resemblence?? a surgeon!

And Gabe...taking his sweet old time.

The final product!

One of the best traditions on Monhegan is that every year the kids get to head down to the island's Peace Garden and pick pumpkins to carve for Halloween. How lucky are we to have our own pumpkin patch on island. 

Yesterday we bundled up and went pumpkin picking! We lugged them back to school and dug right in. Now we have five beautifully carved pumpkins all ready for our Fall Festival today! Plus we have three little baby pumpkins for our little island babies...and we have TONS of pumpkin seeds for roasting! What a great harvest! Special thanks to Kathie Iannicelli for being such a pumpkin expert and always leading us on our pumpkin expedition!

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