Monday, October 26, 2009

Citizens of the World Project

Quinn presenting his report about Harriet Tubman.

Dalton reading his report about Oskar Schindler.

Gabe presenting about Gandhi.

Today the fantastic students of the Monhegan School presented their "Citizens of the World" project! We have been studying civics in social studies and have been focusing on the question, "What makes a good citizen?" Each of the three oldest boys were asked to write a report on a person they thought were an example of a good citizen of the world. The boys picked some amazing citizens to do research on. Quinn wrote his report on Harriet Tubman and focused on her work freeing slaves using the "Underground Railroad." Dalton researched Oskar Shindler, who helped saved over 1,000 Jewish individuals from the Nazis during WWII. Lastly Gabe did his report on Mahatma Gandhi. He discussed Gandhi's belief in non-violence and his desire to establish peace in India. The boys picked fantastic examples of citizens of the world and I know in my heart of hearts these boys are going to become amazing citizens of the world themselves!!

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