Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Spring Birthday!

What do you do when your student is having a birthday and you (and what seems like the rest of the island) has run out of cake mix and you don't have time to make one from scratch for the very special day?

You make a "cake" out of leftover brownies from BINGO the night before and add lots of Sour Patch Kids and Lindt Truffles from Carina! The final touch are SEVEN candles and you are good to go!

What seven year old wouldn't want this to be their sugar-filled birthday cake?

Miss Jorgie with her seven candles!

She got them out all in one blow.

Oh man, that is a seven year old face if I ever saw one! Happy Birthday to you dear Jorgie!

I am not sure but it seems her brother was not as excited for Jorgie to turn seven! Actually I think this is his version of what a "seven year old looks like."

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