Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Trail Poetry

To continue on with our Trail Poetry series, the kids wrote some fantastic poems after spring break. We took a hike to Burnt Head one afternoon, the day after a storm and the surf was amazing. There was a hazy fog that surrounded us, but the sun was right over our heads. The kids had a great time taking pictures and then coming back to the classroom and writing some fantastic pieces of poetry.

I hope you enjoy...

The Burnt Head

The eye of the storm is starring at us
The lush signs of Spring sings to us

Watching the world through rippled reflections
All around are the signs of rain's tantrums

The waves turn from sky blue to sea green then to snow white
As the churn and erode the eternal rock

The sonic boom of the waves and their unforgivable mercy fills my ears
Covering the soft sounds of spring

The head of the Isle is mutilated and burnt
The face has no distinction
The head is burnt and trying to recover

This is what Burnt Head is like


Burnt Head

The days are bright and sunny
Earth day is on it's way

The waves are crashing into the rocks
White Head is covered in mist

March break is over
All the holidays are flying by

The trail is covered in mud and water
The fog swoops in as fast as a heart beat

All I can see is rocks, grass, and trees
The trees are growing leaves, Spring is here.


Brown and red reeds sway in the breeze
Dancing around me with steadiness and ease
Off in the sky a grey wave gathers
The surf races like hundreds of horses
Across the plains of blue
The howl of wind echoes in my head
A procession of waves embrace the shore
Charing all the way to their rocky doom


Burnt Head Poem

When water has to make a turn
It does not always make it's turn
Into the waves, into the sky, in a pond

But you might see it again,
in a wave that looks like the sky.

But soon it crashes, it goes.
Sky or sea it always goes,
in a very salty breeze.

- AB

The Burnt Head Trail
I smell pine.
I hear waves, they sound like drums.
I see my boots in the mud.
I feel hot from the sun.
I think tomorrow won't be like this.


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  1. I am completely blown away by those poems. Looked like a spectacular day.