Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mexican Restaurant Night!

Tuesday night was our second restaurant night of the year and it was AWESOME! I bit the bullet and organized this night on my own, and I now have an even greater appreciation for all the hard work Kathie I. put into Italian Night this winter. (Thanks Kathie!)

Anywho,  our theme was Mexican! Our menu included chips and homemade salsa, a taco bar filled with fresh veggies, meats, beans, and vegetarian chili, homemade empanadas, and virgin margaritas! One word = YUMMY!

The kids knew they really wanted to work on ambiance (due to the fact we got some lower scores in the ambiance category at Italian Night). SO... we hit the ground running! We created sombrero centerpieces, used bright streamers and table clothes to create a festive atmosphere, hung lights, created signs and place mats and found the best mariachi music to get us going! We even wore bright colors and sombreros all day long to be in the Mexican mood!

We named our restaurant "Mare del Tacos", which means "Sea of Tacos." When our doors opened each student had a specific role and I was very proud of how the kids worked as a team to make the restaurant run smoothly. Gabe was in charge of the margarita bar, Jorgie was my right-hand in the kitchen, Quinn and Arlo were the main servers, and Daltini was our host and restaurant "captain!" 

On the back of everyone's place mats there was a "Mexican History Quiz" that caused a little controversy (cough, cough, Billy B.) But it was resolved and we named the very famous Pancho Villy (also known as Donna) the most knowledgeable about Mexican History! Everyone left our restaurant with full tummies and happy faces, so I would call that a success!

Let the preparations begin... the "youngers" made sombreros for the centerpieces!

I love that sombreros were even worn during the cleaning portion of the day!

The middle schoolers got straight to work on the chopping... there was a lot of chopping to be done!

Time to make empanadas for dessert.

A yummy pastry with fruit filling.

Ambiance here we come!

And back to chopping!

Look how happy and calm Jessie looks in this picture (this must have been early on in the process!)

Gabe's place mat design.

Arlo's design!

Muffy came in to help out and make some yummy vegetarian filling for our tacos!

Quinny creating our restaurant's sign.

Creating signs for our "reused" salsa dishes.

AND... back to chopping.

Ut oh. Time is running out. I think Jessie's stress level reached a defcon 2.

But look at that gorgeous salsa. Mmmm... cilantro.

Quinny and his super hot pepper.

Things are getting checked off our to-do list!

Mare Del Tacos Menu!

The siesta bar, just incase our patrons needed a little rest before heading out on the open road.

The centerpieces. Very festive.

It is looking good to me!

Our stage, complete with margarita bar.

A couple of locals hanging out at the cantina.

The staff.

What's not to love??

Chica bonita 

el capit├ín

muchacho loco!


el presidente!

People started to arrive!

And we were "cookin' with gas!"

Pancho Villa came!

The gorgeous taco bar!

Overseeing the masses!

Fill up those plates!

And it was chow time!

Staff's turn to eat.

Time for announcements.

The results of the quiz!

Then it was time for dessert and clean-up! Mucho gracias to everyone for making this the best restaurant night yet! 

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