Wednesday, April 14, 2010

APRIL Bingo!

Another month, another BINGO night.

BINGO seemed so different this month. The sun was shining when people arrived, everyone had a certain "spring" in their step, and even as I closed up school at the end of the event the sun was still out!

Even though it seemed "different" all the winners of the evening were REPEAT WINNERS! Of course Billy B. won a round and Jackie and Angela both won TWO! 

Here are the highlights...

Gabriel giving the famous opening speech. (Can I say again how much I don't want him to leave us next year!)

Jorgie calls all on her own now! She is a pro.

Arlo's turn!

Jackie became a snake tamer!

Middle schoolers being... middle schoolers.

Billy B. was in love with his flower fly swatter. What ever floats your boat Billy.

Ang loved her "flamingo wind sock"!

Maya was very interested in the BINGO chips... I think she decided they were not as tasty as potato chips.

Quinn checking Jackie's cards...

Carson won the bunny ears! Lucky him!

Aww, Jackie caught a butterfly!

Checking the cover-all card!

And the wonderful, fantastic Angela is this month's BINGO champion!  Look for her picture on the wall of fame!

And this sweet last picture. Some other BINGO fans wanted in on the photo shoot.

Thanks Community for a fun night. Lots of money was raised for our kickball shirts, which are going to ROCK this year!


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