Friday, April 23, 2010

Our School Garden!

We have been working on our school garden for a couple of weeks now and this past Earth day we finally planted our first crop... potatoes! It is an exciting project and I am completely grateful to Kathie Iannicelli for getting and keeping this project going! The kids have been hard at work getting sea weed and compost, turning over the soil, shaking it out for weeds and rocks, and continuously watering their seedlings. It is exciting to invest so much time into such a worthwhile project. We are going to be eating some yummy french fries come late August!

Collecting compost... it was pretty stinky!

Everyone did their part.

Middle schoolers' turn.

Full cart ready to haul back to school.

Time to map out the garden...

and start digging!

This was proof that I help too!

Lots and lots of digging!

Then it was time to shake out that soil.

Lots of people had to fit into that garden!

What ya got there Arlo?

Almost ready to plant!

And it was potato time!

Kathie came up on Earth Day to plant our potatoes!

We will have some good eattin!

Earth Day garden crew. 

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