Thursday, April 8, 2010

Long time... no blog

I know, I know... we haven't been blogging! You all must be dying to know what we have been up to lately!  Well, I would say a whole lot of STUFF (the kids can tell you this is one of my least favorite words to use in writing, but I am using it just for them!)
We all got back after spring break rested and ready for action. 

Here are some highlights...

This is what my weekend before spring looked liked! Lots of things to prepare!

Maya sitting outside of school allll weekend in the rain, just praying some kids would come to school on  their day off!

The kids' "Biome Projects" all pretty in their binders!

 Then the kids finally came and it was time to get back to work! Jorgie worked on a timeline of Miss Rumphius' life!

Fourth graders getting back into the swing of things

Daltini reunites with his laptop!

And then it was time for a VERY special celebration! Our eighth grader got into the high school of his choice! Yay Hebron Academy!

Time to eat the celebratory brownies!

Then later in the week it was time for another celebration! Daltini became a pre-teen!

Mmmm.... birthday cake!

Coming soon... this pretty little thing turns 7! 

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