Monday, April 12, 2010

MAGNETS are soooo cool!

We have moved onto a new science unit this trimester. Bye, bye ecosystems and hello electromagnetism! I have never thought of myself as a real "science" person, but man magnets are awesome and we have really just gotten started in this unit! I cannot wait to make an electromagnet!

On the first day of our unit the kids got to do some investigating into what actually causes something to be magnetic. They went wild around the classroom finding items they wanted to "test"...

The middle schoolers obviously had to do all of their experiments in the middle school area!

Jorgie made some great predictions while testing different items around the classroom.

Yes, Quinn... scissors are magnetic.

Dalton was stumped when one of the ladles from the kitchen was not magnetic! I wonder what elements are in that ladle??? Hmm...

Day two of the unit we learned about magnets poles.

We used iron fillings to understand how opposite magnetic poles are attracted to each other.

We were very careful with our data collection.

The iron fillings were awesome!

And day three we experimented with magnetic fields and the strengths of magnetic fields when you add more magnets.

We used compassed to test the strength of the magnetic field.

I cannot wait to see what other great experiments we get to do in this unit! Fun! Fun!

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