Monday, February 22, 2010

Community Football!

Trying to hear the other team's strategies!

For her first time playing football, Jorgie seemed like a pro!

We had a fantastic stretch of weather last week, so we were super excited to get out and play some FOOTBALL! Last year we played football almost every week for gym, but we just didn't get into the football groove this year. But once we got on that field it was just like old times! We invited the community to join us and had some great adult players! Jorgie and Arlo totally held their own as the newcomers on the field and we had a special guest, Nate the football professional, to make the event extra special! 


Maya looked like a football superstar!

Spreading out for a great play.

Getting ready!

I am pretty sure the dogs had the best time out of all of us!

Time for the kickoff. Travis is a brave soul holding onto that ball!

Another kickoff from the opposing team.


Our special football guest star... NATE!

The best part was it was a tie game! Go teams, go!

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