Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skyping with Wyatt and Tralice!

Last week we got the chance to use our computers to skype with Tralice and Wyatt in St. Croix! It was totally awesome. I didn't tell the kids until the day of (just because you never know with technology) but man, were they excited.

It was SO good to see Tralice and Wyatt. They looked tan and happy. We got to hear about Wy's school, his new friends, and all of his legos. Tralice told us about the differences between living on St. Croix and Monhegan (for instance the thirty minute drive to Wyatt's school instead of the bike ride down Horn's Hill!). It was hard to say goodbye at the end of the forty-five minutes and I think it made us miss Wyatt at school even more! 

Hopefully it is something we can do more often. 

Maya would recognize Wyatt's voice anywhere!

It was so warm that Tralice was in a tanktop and Wy was in his bathing suit! WE ARE SO JEALOUS!

The gang crowding around the computer to talk with our St. Croix pals.

The kids gave Tralice and Wyatt a tour of the school. Wy's kindergarten area is now the middle school! 

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