Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Morning Greetings

So, every morning I get to school a little after six to start getting things ready for the day. Of course Maya comes with me. She takes her "morning nap" from about six to seven-thirty and then the pacing begins. She knows that in only a mere fifteen minutes "her kids" will start making their way to school and she just can't wait. We have a saying at school that "everyday is like the first day for Maya" because she just gets SO excited for school. Here are some photos to try and illustrate the morning greetings that Maya enjoys giving to her students...

First she waits outside to school, ball ready, for her kids to start walking down the road.

Often Spy (and sometimes Jon) come out to greet the kids as well!

Dalton is first to arrive and boy is Maya happy!

Then Gabe makes his way down the road and Maya runs to greet him!

Then Quinny! (Trust me we try to teach her not to jump, but it seems kind of pointless.)

They look like two happy school-goers!

Then usually Maya gets so excited that she drops her ball in the ditch and one sympathetic soul goes in to try and find it!

And then it is eight o'clock and time to head to the office! 

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