Thursday, February 4, 2010


Gearing up!

Our superintendent even got to come down for "gym class!"

A little help is always crucial when skating!

Tara looks like Batwoman on those skates!

We had yet another "community gym class!" We are so lucky to have such a rockin' community who actually comes out for gym! This time is was skating on the ice pond! We had a blast passing around hockey pucks, pulling the little ones on the sleds, playing with the dogs, and learning a new game taught by the middle schoolers! The ice was perfect for skating! 

A little hockey action!

Switching sticks! I wanted pink!

Big, bad goalie!

I think Maya was the best goalie of all!

Who wouldn't want to be pulled around by the pug brothers!?

It was just one of those perfect kind of days.

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