Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February BINGO!

Another month flying by, which means another BINGO night to be had. We had February BINGO last week with a very lovey-dovey Valentine's theme. We had some major baking to do in the morning, which included making our "island-famous" sugar cookies! If anything can put you in a sugar-coma it is these cookies, but they are worth it!

Mr. Dalton was an incredibly cute teacher to Jorgie, helping her role out cookie dough while I managed the fourth graders in the kitchen!

Arlo was in charge of making frosting, except he got demoted once it was time to add the food coloring! Let me just say the entire island would have green mouths if he added the food coloring!

Quinny took responsibility of the cupcakes... stay tuned to see how THAT went!

Maya was in charge of floor clean-up. She did a fantastic job.

What happens when you put fourth graders in charge of cupcakes?

You get REALLY BIG cupcakes! But they tested GREAT!

So, then it was time for BINGO. We had a great turn out, as always. Arlo was the opening act and he did a very nice job explaining the rules and announcing that this months proceeds will be sent again to Haiti. We had very PINK prizes, which I think were a hit. The kids were excellent servers and callers. I think we have gotten this BINGO thing down!

The BINGO regulars... Billy B. and Lisa B.
(You may not be able to tell from this picture, but Lisa is literally sucking all the good luck out of Billy! She won TWO games that night!)

Jorgie taking her turn!

Classic "middle schooler" photo. The boys reading while waiting for their turn to call. They are wayyyy too cool to play BINGO!

Jorgie passing out prizes. 

Donna won the GORGEOUS feather heart. You can now see it displayed proudly on her truck!

Dalton's turn to call... showing off the "Love Machine" sash that some lucky recipient would win!

And who better to win it than Miss Lisa B.!?!?
She's just a love machine!

Alli was the lucky winner of the hat.

Gabe calling and Maya supervising. She loves him.

Ang won the Hope Diamond.

AND... our newest member of the BINGO Hall of Fame is ALICE B.
I have never heard a more enthusiastic "YES! BINGO!" I think she was one proud winner! Congratulations Alice!

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