Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's been awhile... let me catch you up!

Okay, so I am feeling very guilty for lack of posting last week. It was kind of a crazy! At the beginning of the week we had a Monhegan Emergency! Our poor little school puppy, Maya, ended up getting sick at school on Monday and on Tuesday I had to rush her inshore to the vet. She ended up being fine... but right away it caused our week to be pretty darn funky!

Little Maya with all her "get well" cards from the kids. They made her feel special!

We ended up working a lot on our ecosystem projects last week. We are creating life like animals to go in our life sized ecosystems! Let me tell you, these animals are awesome. We have a fox, polar bear, tiger, cheetah, and jaguar in our classroom right now! And the amazing thing is, they all get along!

Arlo sculpting his polar bear!

Gabe making his snake!

Jorgie looking at her little fox. Her name is Foxy!

Lots of research and discussion to make the animals just right!

We ended the week with a big, class writer's workshop! It was fun having all the kids share their most recent writing. We had everything from Jorgie's story about a "Journal of a Maya" to Quinn and Arlo's stories about waking up as the president, to Gabe and Dalton's action packed narrative pieces! The kids were great listeners and gave very encouraging feedback. I was a proud teacher, as usual.

Jorgie reading her story entitled, "A Dairy of a Maya." 

Quinn's story was about being the president and meeting a talking German Shepard who is really funny.

Arlo's piece was about being the president and having a food fight with a bunch of robotic dogs!

This is what happens when you put Quinn in charge of taking a picture of Dalton reading. Dalton's story was so descriptive it took up six pages!

Gabe reading his intense piece... it was like something out of a thriller movie!

Overall, it was a hectic, crazy, and terrific week...

Stay tuned for BINGO pictures!

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