Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pom-Poms Craze!

Time to make...

the pom-poms?

It's pom-pom mania!

Pom-Poms took over the Monhegan School yesterday! While the middle schoolers were skyping with Islesford School (more on that later) the rest of our school were becoming our very own pom-pom factory! Who knew that pom-poms could create such excitement!

Pom-pons were made for mothers, fathers, brothers, dogs, and cats! I wouldn't be surprised if soon everyone on Monhegan had their own pom-pom made by a Monhegan student! They are easy and fun to make! Goodness we love that we have Donna, our own pom-pom expert!

Arlo's pom-poms!

That is one proud pom-pom maker!

The youngers became the expert on pom-poms, so they got to teach the olders!

Obama likes to watch pom-pom making!

Maya loves her pom-pom!

Schooner's pom-pom makes him look regal!

Even I got my very own pom-pom (Thanks Donna!)

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  1. I cracked up when I saw the Obama cut out overlooking your pom pom making. That looks so fun!