Thursday, February 4, 2010

Virtual Schools! How cool are we!?

I can't tell you how excited I am about some of the stuff we have been doing in our school lately! For two weeks now our middle schoolers have had a "virtual" writing class with the middle schoolers from Isleford School! We use skype to video conference with them and then we use noteshare to share our writing! The fantastic teacher on Isleford, Lindsay, and I get to co-teach! It is fun for everyone involved! I am telling you, it is just the coolest thing ever!

Our big hope is that our schools can start having classes with each other on a DAILY basis! We are going to start having a "virtual" after school program with Isleford as well! I believe we are on the virtual wave of the future!

My boys on Monhegan!

The fantastic students of Isleford! (This is what we can see on our computer screen!)

Skyping is so cool that Rob and Donna decided to do it with each other in the same school!

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  1. We love skyping with you! I am so excited we are really working together now, and I know the students on Islesford are, too!