Monday, October 18, 2010

The abridged Trap Day blog post...

So Trap Day was a little crazy this year. First of all, I got the Monhegan plague after we finished with IIE (I have I feeling it had to do with exhaustion and stress... but that is just a wild guess). I was out for two days, one of which just happened to be October 1st (Monhegan's Island's first day of the lobstering season, also knows as Trap Day). Weather did not cooperative though and Trap Day was postponed till the second... which fell on a Saturday.

Long story short, the boys ended up delivering their lobster cookies and personally designed bumper stickers that they created for each captain by themselves on Saturday morning because I was too sick to leave my house, so I have no photo documentation...not good.

The following photos are documentation taken by our faithful substitute of the cookie making process the kids went through and I heard it was quite the process! Thanks McPants and Donna. You guys rock.

The dough was made from scratch by the kids... apparently directions were not followed completly which made for some very crumbly dough... but our fabulous sub made it work.

And then time for frosting... good thing the kids don't have any germs to pass on to the fishermen.

Dalton carefully decorating his cookies.

Pretty little cookies made with love.

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