Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogging with Anne

I don't know if you know but we LOVE blogging at the Monhegan School... so much so that we are setting up yet another blog but this one we are sharing with five other island schools who are involved in what we are calling the Down East Islands TLC (Teaching and Learning Collaboration) Project! This project has developed from a grassroots type of movement (lead by teachers... of course!) in hopes to have island students in one and two room schools in the state of Maine working and collaborating together through face-to-face meetings and technology!

One piece of technology we hope to implement soon is the "Inter-Island School Blog!" I will update you when we have that blog up and running!

Our fabulous island fellow who is heading up this project is Anne! Anne came out to Monhegan the week of Inter-Island Event and set the boys up with their own blogs that they will hopefully get to use to assist them when collaborating with other island students.

It was exciting for the boys to pick out their own blog name and design their site. I can see a lot of GREAT potential for these blogs and I am hoping we can share some of those uses with you all!

So stay tuned... more blogging to come!

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