Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Time Line is UP!

It took a little longer than expected, but our time line of the existance of life on Earth is finally up!

Before we could actually get everything up on the wall we had to label all the periods...

Since Pre-Cambrian took up much of the room we had to label it EIGHT times.

Dalton started going a little crazy about the Pre-Cambrian period.

Then came the fun part. Putting it up around the room!

This process mean lots of team work....

getting to use the ladder,

and the staple gun!

No wondered why they love this project so much!

Aww, more team work.
They took turns being the boss (meaning they climbed the ladder and stapled the paper) and then assistant (passing supplies and doing what the boss asked).

Daltini putting up the last period... which is when humans arrived on Earth. The piece of paper he is stapling on the wall is so small you cannot even see it!

So now it is time for a tour... here is Wall #1: When the Pre-Cambrian period started over 3.5 billion years ago.

Wall #2: Pre-Cambrian Period still in full swing.

And Wall #3: You guessed it, more Pre-Cambrian.

Wall #4: After about 2.8 billion years the Pre-Cambrian finally finished and the rest of the wall makes up the other 11 periods!

We were SO happy when we finally finished putting up our time line we jumped for joy.

And again!

And one more jump for the time line!
(I think this one was the best!)

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