Monday, October 18, 2010

IIE Day 2!

Day Two of our IIE got off to a rockin' start! The kids were awaken by a little golden retriever dog running around all of the tents barking and whinning for everyone to rise and shine!

"The King" got everyone going with another song on his gutair.

Once we got people moving we headed down to the Trailing Yew for the best breakfast a group of islanders could ask for...

Islanders = Hearty Eaters... and we had plenty to eat!

There was eggs, bacon, cereal, juice, hot chocolate, coffee (thank goodness!) and HOMEMADE BAGELS!

After breakfast we headed back to break down our tents and what did we see across the field?
Only the biggest bubbles in all the world!

The kids went wild... especially the "youngers". They were chasing the bubbles all over the place.

After we tore down tents and packed up all of the gear it was time to head back to the school house to have the kids share their presentations they created about their islands. All of the students ended up creating short movies that we played on the Tanberg. It was so awesome to learn about all the different islands and to have the kids teaching us!

I was one proud teacher when it was Monhegan' s turn to present. Dalton did a great job with his public speaking and Quinn came across as a super star on camera. I think people really enjoyed their presenation.

We ended the morning with eatting homemade apple sauce for snack, playing one last awesome game of capture the flag and then hanging out down at the school before it was time for most of the kids to head to the boat.

Of course we needed to get a group shot before we parted.
What an amazing group of teachers and students these island have.

We made sure to round up and do the traditional "What was your favorite part of IIE?" sharing. I think the most popular parts were Capture the Flag and the Variety Show!

Then the sad part... the actually had to get on the boat and head back to their own islands. Why can't we all just live on the same big island!?

No matter how sad we were to see everyone leave, we couldn't help but feel so happy for such a fun IIE!
All our hard work totally paid off.

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