Friday, October 8, 2010

Our 20th BINGO!

Yep, it's true. Our school celebrated it's 20th BINGO last month (at least since I have been the teacher on island). It is pretty impressive if you think about it. 20 BINGO games means... thousands of BINGO numbers called, hundreds of BINGO prizes given out, dozens of cookies made, and 20+ individuals named as BINGO champions on our BINGO wall of fame!

September BINGO got off to a rockin' start with our now oldest student, Daltini giving the opening remarks and calling the first round.

We had a full house, which was awesome. Our BINGO theme? Back to school BINGO!

Quinn supervising Billy "BINGO" B. to make sure his so called "BINGO" is really valid. He won one round, not bad for the first game of the school year.

Quinn's turn to call... the prize at hand was a big plastic crayon that serves as a bank. Who doesn't need one of those!?

Anna won a round and ended up with this fabulous cheerleading uniform! Lucky duck.

View from the stage. Look at all those BINGO lovers.

Anna looking sharp.

Maya is very glad it is BINGO season once again... she loves cleaning up the fallen snacks, but hates it when she mistakes a fallen BINGO chip for a treat. Yuck.

We were very fortunate at this BINGO to have a whole slue of "knitting ladies" attend our event! They were very fun and kept us laughing with their enthusiasum for BINGO! Here Dalton check one of the super lucky knitting ladies who won THREE ROUNDS!

One VERY lucky knitting lady!

AND our THREE september BINGO champions! Too bad I only made one final prize! But all of them are now on the Monhegan School's BINGO wall of fame!

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