Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picking Pumpkins... in the rain.

Fall is my favorite time of year at school. There is lots of excitment at the beginning of the school year and then we have all the fun holidays to look forward too! First up on the holiday list, Halloween! And Halloween on Monhegan means PUMPKIN PICKING! Last year we had lots of hands to help out with picking pumpkins and it was gorgeous weather! This year was a little different...

There was only the three of us to pick, carry, and haul these huge pumpkins and I would not call the weather "gorgeous".

At first there was just a light mist which was kind of nice for pumpkin picking.

We got a good work out picking up those pumpkins.

I lifted the biggest pumpkin... which I then called as "my pumpkin" since I had to do all the manual labor to get it.

I am telling you... these were BIG pumpkins!

You can do it Quinny!

We picked 12 gorgeous pumpkins!

We loaded them up into our wheel barrels...

and headed back towards school.

Maya was trying to figure out how to help and carry one in her mouth... but she just couldn't do it.


We had to take two different loads and by the time we started back with our second load it started raining and by raining, I mean pouring...

See what I mean, pouring.

At least we got our shower for the day!

We dried off with towels and sat by the heater while we worked for the rest of the morning but we got our pumpkins! Next up... carving them with the community!

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